Driven by a collective love for sports and a commitment to ignite brands through Noise Cancelling Comms, GOLD79 SPORT is ready to spark any brand into life. 

As a former senior journalist who has reported on Champions League finals from Kiev and Madrid and a skier who has competed internationally, throughout my life I’ve been captivated by the unifying power of sports. This passion forms the core of GOLD79 SPORT, where we blend cutting-edge data analysis with a deep understanding of sports culture to create marketing solutions that truly resonate. 


Why choose GOLD79 SPORT? 

For one we possess top-level sports PR and media experience and hold a little black book of key celebrity and media contacts across the national and international press that you won’t find anywhere else. 

For example, our Chief Commercial Officer Greg Felgate – who has been instrumental in helping to launch this initiative – has worked with the England football team, the FA, UEFA, the FIFA World Cup and the England Cricket board.  

The Co-Founder of GOLD79 Tamarind Wilson-Flint – who is the driving force behind the MINE programme and GOLD79 SPORT – has worked with Leeds United, SkyBet and York Racecourse while the other GOLD79 Co-Founder Sophie Spyropoulos – who is always on-hand to lend advice and help – has worked with the likes of McLaren and Formula 1. 

And not to mention, I helped to launch a charity called Football For Change alongside England stars Trent Alexander-Arnold, Jude Bellingham, Declan Rice and Beth Mead plus former legends like Gary Neville, Gary Lineker, Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard, for disadvantaged young people in the UK.  

But not only this, at GOLD79 SPORT, our dedication to fusing passion with precision sets us apart. With an in-depth understanding of sports and an unwavering commitment to delivering results that matter, we go beyond mere marketing strategies. And our unique Win Window formula is a testament to our pledge to hit the mark every time. 


Your game-changing moment: Unveiling the Win Window 

Our revolutionary offering, the Win Window, is meticulously crafted to identify the pivotal moments when audiences shift from passive watching to active engagement. 

Using our flagship Noise Reports, media intel and analysis, unique search data, insightful social metrics, and top-level consumer insights alongside clever tracking around performances of teams and athletes, we can identify the pivotal moment when a sports fan gets ready to purchase (or even upgrade) equipment, apparel, and accessories.  

We pull this data across in two key stages, form, and multipliers. It helps us to ascertain what is most relevant to the right fans at the right time.  

This unique formula pinpoints pivotal periods when brands need to be ready to capitalise. By understanding when and why fans are ready to buy, we empower brands to craft timely, impactful content that hits home with their audience. 


We love sport 

Our past successes with the likes of the Ryder Cup, Lawn Tennis Association, Leeds United, Stonegate Pubs and EA Sports illustrate the power of the Win Window in action. 


Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) – Grassroots to Wimbledon 

  • Win Window: From Grass Roots to Wimbledon 
  • Challenge: Bring more young people into tennis – extending the reach into specific geographic areas where participation is low. 
  • Strategy: Aimed at children who’ve never played before, this programme successfully equipped kids in key target areas to give tennis a go. Our intel revealed that Wimbledon is perceived as elite, so we timed our grassroots programme to coincide with this iconic event rather than compete with it. We organized open days in collaboration with clubs and pop-up experiences, creating engaging challenges to attract kids. 
  • Outcome: Sign-ups exceeded expectations, and we successfully equipped children in key target areas to embrace tennis. 


Stonegate Pubs 

  • Win Window: Watching With Fans Makes for a Better Game 
  • Challenge: Silence the crowd to make Stonegate synonymous with ‘watching sports’ on the high street 
  • Strategy: We conducted extensive research and hosted a roundtable event to unveil our findings. Co-hosted with partners, this event attracted key media and influencers, providing the perfect platform to launch the WE LOVE SPORT app. This tool was designed to maximise the enjoyment of games in Stonegate venues nationwide. 
  • Outcome: Our SEO-aligned content extended visibility, driving app downloads and enquiries, significantly enhancing game day experiences for fans. 


Looking to the future 

As we launch the GOLD79 MINE Programme in partnership with Leeds Beckett University, we are incredibly proud to bolster the long-term growth and sustainability of start-up businesses across the UK. This collaboration offers access to academic consultancy, expert business support, mentoring, networks, infrastructure, and financial aid. 

Kicking off the first initiative under this program, G79 SPORT, spearheaded by myself, promises to revolutionise how we approach sports marketing. Our unique blend, driven by a passion for sports and unified by strategic expertise, aims to make a lasting impact on the industry and help brands connect with their audiences in remarkable ways. 

However, GOLD79 SPORT is not just about marketing; it’s about understanding the very heart of sports and leveraging that insight to drive success for our clients. With the Win Window, we offer a precise, data-driven approach to sports marketing that ensures your brand is at the forefront of fans’ minds when it matters most.  


Embark on this thrilling journey with us and experience the unparalleled GOLD79 difference.