I typically wake up at 6:30 and throw on whatever to give Scruffy, my mongrel best friend, a quick walk around the streets of St Albans, in Hertfordshire. After mentally working out what’s coming up for the day, I get dressed, make a quick coffee and head to the Thames Link where I begin my commute into work. A quick pit stop on the Victoria line (or a lovely stroll down South Bank on the rare days it’s sunny) and I’m at our Vauxhall office.

I like to be in a little early to allow myself time to pop a pot of Fairtrade coffee on and get ahead of the day by thoroughly updating my personal WIP. It also gives me a chance to listen to my favourite tunes on the office Alexa without my teammates revolting! Musical theatre is the ideal working music, and I won’t hear otherwise.

Typically, my day will consist of a weekly catch up with some of my clients, usually in the mornings. This will require being across everything going on across all my accounts and is a great way to ensure all objectives and tasks are being met from both sides. After that, it’s time to do some PR! Whether that be media relations, arranging a sell-in, or planning our next campaign, there’s never a dull moment.


I’m trying to be a good boy and save for a house, so I avoid the temptations of the local Gails, Starbucks, and the scrumptious delights of the Vauxhall Food Hall. Instead, I come armed with a tin of Heinz soup and some snacks. However, a still get to have a treat or two thanks to our office’s monthly Sainsbury’s order, ensuring out fridge and shelves are always stacked full of goodies. I’m a particular fan of the Cheesestrings and Red Bull, much to my Talent Coach Danielle’s dismay! I’ll also take the time to have a catch up with our team, both with what’s going on in the world of PR and which films we should all be watching!


This tends to be the time where I get most of my hard work done. After a morning of meetings, I’ll be working through my to do list, writing press releases, liaising with the team to ensure we’re delivering what’s required, and planning future strategic activations. However, as this is PR there’s usually a last-minute opportunity to gun for or some other urgent matter that needs my attention. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, as keeping me on my toes is what motivates me and it ensures the job is never boring.

I might also dedicate some time to scouting out some new networking opportunities, as I’m in charge of ensuring the London team is getting out there. Booking tickets, forwarding invites, and checking out the right ops for us is a big part of what I do outside of my standard client work.


After a long day in the office, I head back on the Victoria Line then the Thameslink, usually armed with a nice jazz playlist and the latest novel by Haruki Murakami. After making sure I don’t fall asleep on the train and end up in Luton, I’m back in St Albans for a chilled evening of dog walking, catching up with my wife, and cooking. If I’m lucky, I might squeeze in writing my weekly film review column, strumming a bit on my guitar, or finishing up my book to unwind.

Of course, there are also nights where we’re running an event or attending a networking do, which are jam-packed with fun opportunities to be social. Life at Gold79 gives me the best of both worlds; the glitzy glamour of London PR life and the flexibility to be at home with the people (and hound!) who matter.