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Why Noise Cancelling?

“Noise Cancelling” headphones were first introduced into aviation for pilots, to ensure better communication. Bose improved on the concept and took the system to consumers in the late eighties. Today, “Noise Cancelling” is the pre-eminent descriptor when applied to headphones. Anyone serious about listening to their favourite track wouldn’t consider anything else.

We apply that same principle to marketing communications. Why can you ‘listen’ with greater clarity when you cancel the noise? Because you can focus on what’s important, what’s meaningful.

Our approach

Pure TM

To arrive at the most valuable outcomes you need a process that digs deep and asks the most searching of questions. After all when looking for the purest gold, you don’t avoid the grit. You sift, you search, you polish.

Our PURE methodology takes brands through a series of meaningful steps to achieve their goals. At each stage, our endeavour is to uncover one truly mesmerising thought. Brands can engage with any part of this journey. From start to finish, we aim to arrive at a place of true value – with a genuine nugget at every step. No clutter, no confusion. Just a clear, unambiguous, crisp goal shining through.

Pure Noise Cancelling methodology

Cancelling noise. Cutting clutter. Earning attention. A gold standard 4-stage process that adds meaningful value, not meaningless noise.
A methodology that takes brands through a series of meaningful steps.
The most meaningful objective

When you cut out all the noise and take away every distraction, what’s your one, truest ambition? We immerse ourselves in your brand and ask the toughest of questions – identifying where the truest value can be found.

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The purest, most valuable insights

We live in a world of infinite data. We have too much knowledge but not enough wisdom. Our research and insight teams blend data with human interpretation, intuition, and experience in a way that feels just right and arrives at one, purposeful thought.

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Crafting gold-standard creative

The Refinery is where we build the freshest of content and creative – where our ideas come to life.

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The most impactful channel mix

This is where the action is. Where the ideas shine. Where that gorgeous creative connects with audiences across all your platforms – owned, earned, or paid, depending on the strategy.

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Our Expertise

We don’t do everything. But everything we do, we do exceptionally well. We have focused on specialist sectors because it’s where we have decades of expertise and experience.

Travel and Leisure

No one gets travel and leisure like we do. Our expertise comes from years of working with some of the biggest names in the business. Consumer behaviour insights, search trend tracking, deep dives into sector developments – we find the most valuable ideas and we bring them to life with gorgeous creative.

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Hospitality, Food and Drink

With a wide roster of food and drink clients, we know what audiences want. SEO, insight and data underpin our approach. But it’s our creativity and experience that help us cut through the noise. Pub companies, luxury food, high street giants – we’ve done them all, and got the results to prove it.

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House, Homes and Lifestyle

Our big name home and lifestyle clients know we understand their audiences. Because we’ve shown them time and again that our targeted strategies get the right eyes on their brand. From TV coverage to big uplifts in engagement on social and websites – we target the most valuable channels. And we do it exceptionally well.

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Corporate Communications and Content

Corporate communications should be a multifaceted discipline that necessitates a deft approach and an ability to convey serious and sometimes complex topics to a combination of niche and/or mass market audiences. Unlike so many corporate and trade specialists, we consider the most effective way to add value; utilising surprising combinations of content and channels to land our messages in the most effective way.

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