GOLD79 has announced a new specialist corporate division alongside a suite of new products and services. Overseen by board director, James Harris, the division aims to deliver a more rounded and potentially unexpected style of communications to the corporate and trade world.

Earlier this year saw the launch of GOLD79, previously The Lucre Group. The company has made significant changes to its services, focusing on not just PR but also social media, content and search. The new suite of services delivers multiple channel options for its clients, underpinned by the agency’s new Noise Cancelling proposition.

With ambitious five year growth plans in place, the newly formed Corporate Communications and Content Division will be a key pillar in GOLD79’s long term strategic growth, with the dedicated team of specialists scaling in line with portfolio growth.


As a multifaceted discipline that necessitates a deft approach and an ability to convey serious and sometimes complex topics to a combination of niche and/or mass market audiences, GOLD79 aims to use the division to do corporate comms differently.

James Harris, Director of Corporate and International, said: “For too long, consumer communications have held the crown for creativity, with corporate and trade communications lagging some way behind. We want to change that. Using the GOLD79 PURE process and our Noise Reports we will be able to assess the most exciting ways to enhance important messaging, ensuring ‘it lands’ with the right decision makers in unexpected ways.

“Understanding that the corporate world is still predicated on the idiosyncrasies of people is crucial to delivering cut through. When you go to work you don’t stop being a human being.”

The new division will incorporate far more creative thinking and content than is traditionally associated with business to business and corporate communications. Having won a series of larger corporate accounts in the last year, the formula seems to be working for those organisations wishing to explore other avenues for their public relations.

Harris concluded, “This approach isn’t for everyone but if you’re wanting to test a different methodology, then we’d love to speak to you.”