Business values are everything in the always-on digital world, and no one knows it better than GOLD79 and its new net-zero partner, Flotilla. The recently announced partnership represents a commitment to responsible business practices and sets a positive example for an environmentally sustainable future of PR and comms.

GOLD79 will help Flotilla to raise its profile with PR and social media services, blending human instinct with digital intelligence to champion its “NOISE CANCELLING” approach. In return, Flotilla will guide GOLD79 on its own net zero journey – from a comprehensive impact report through to meaningful, actionable goals for the short and long term.

Francesca Woodward, Marketing Director at Flotilla said of the partnership:

“We’re delighted with what we’ve seen so far from the GOLD79 team. The strategy and creativity going on behind the scenes are of the highest calibre, and we can’t wait to start making a splash with regional, national and trade media. Flotilla’s proposition is truly unique in its structure – offering organisations top-down education, tools, and tech-enabled solutions to ensure their net zero plans make it off paper and create a real positive impact.

GOLD79 is the perfect agency to both understand and communicate our mission thanks to their track record of success throughout the technology, business and professional services industries. Collaborating with GOLD79 is just the latest chapter in our story, and we can’t wait to start sharing it with an enhanced media and social strategy.”

Tamarind Wilson-Flint, Co-Founder of GOLD79 said:

“In today’s world, both consumers and employees are hyper-conscious of businesses’ environmental impacts. As PR and comms experts, we’re increasingly aware of the threat greenwashing poses, so the chance to work with a UN-endorsed net zero partner provides us with a valuable framework to tackle our own impact with confidence, while simultaneously enriching our experience in environmental comms to the benefit of our clients.

GOLD79’s new partnership with Flotilla aligns with our business values and speaks to the value of both of our propositions. We’re incredibly excited to help the Flotilla team make their voices heard across industries with our signature NOISE CANCELLING strategy, and we’re confident that our partnership will be a long and successful one.”

Established in 2019, Flotilla is headquartered in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with offices in Leeds, Glasgow and London. Combining technology, science-based intellect and expertise, Flotilla’s approach goes beyond consultancy to engage and empower employees to drive positive change from within businesses. Its solutions include carbon accounting, net zero planning and delivery, Flotilla Climate Academy, employee engagement, quality-approved offsetting schemes, and consultancy. These are designed with the support of leading academic and climate institutions, including the world-renowned Priestley International Centre for Climate.