People relate to real people, who have real opinions, and lead real lives.

Think about it this way. If a friendly, unfiltered face on the internet was telling you about a great lipstick they’ve just discovered, you’re probably going to be more likely to take their word over a suspiciously flawless model hopping on the back of a motorbike to showcase her magenta pout. Hey, she may be ‘Born With It’ – but does it feel achievable?

Social media influencers, however, live relatively ‘normal’ lives. They provide audiences with candid glimpses into their daily routines; from that obligatory avocado toast shot aesthetically captured on a new (#gifted) coffee table, right through to their new outfit casually accessorised with an oat milk flat white.

Already, this feels a whole lot more relatable than a whimsical perfume ad set in a French meadow. But they’re also aspirational enough to make audiences want more of what they have – and that’s what makes influencer marketing so effective.

As much as we’d love to tell you that collaborating with content creators is the next best thing for brands, we’d be lying. It’s already taking the marketing world by storm. What we can confirm is that it’s only going to continue to get bigger, better, and more powerful than ever before.

Brands yet to explore the benefits of influencer marketing may feel sceptical about whether it’s really worth putting their money on a stranger on the internet. So, let us help you decide.

It builds trust, authentically

The primary reason people follow influencers online is because they admire their content, along with everything they have to say.

Whether it’s recommendations for the best place in town to get vegan tacos or the must-have product for achieving ‘dewy’ skin, influencers build strong relationships with their followers over time. They’re trusted to share content that makes a difference – big or small. So, if they were to participate in your latest campaign, you’ll know that your brand message is being shared with an actively engaged audience, by a respected influencer. It’s effortless advertising.

It bolsters brand awareness

The beauty of influencer marketing is that you can reach hundreds or thousands of new accounts – all of whom could be potential customers.

This also enables you to position your brand however you want the moment they tap ‘post now’. It is therefore essential to utilise your influencer marketing strategy to its fullest potential, ensuring you provide them with all the content they need to deliver your campaign successfully.

That way, you can be sure that your heightened brand awareness is going to lead to long-lasting results.

It helps you reach your target audience

By collaborating with relevant influencers that fit your brand, your content is going to be seen by social media users who have a niche interest in your product, services, or solutions.

The huge benefit here is that it saves you immense amounts of time and money trying trialling different campaign angles, because your ideal target audience is already ready and waiting in the follower’s section of that perfect influencers profile. It’s a no brainer.

It boosts your SEO rankings

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to influencer marketing is how it can increase organic traffic to your site.

In a nutshell, Google rewards websites that have backlinks from other high-authority sites. A strong backlink profile gives Google the green light, saying ‘Yep, this content is pretty good and meets user needs. Let’s move it higher up in the search engine results’. So, if you work with influencers who can include links to your site in a blog post – you’re directly boosting your SEO rankings.

On the other side, as your brand awareness increases and people begin to hear more about you, there’s going to be more chance of them searching for you on Google. This also drives further organic traffic and tells search engines that you’re providing content that wants to be seen.

It’s highly effective in driving sales

Influencers hold an incredible amount of power when it comes to guiding consumers on their purchase decision-making process.

As previously mentioned, influencers lend invaluable credibility to the brands that they work with thanks to the trusted relationship they withhold with their followers. Brands have a brilliant opportunity to create engaging influencer campaigns that not only reinforce their messaging, but also bolster generation of sales by including call to actions, links, and discount codes.

Curious to know more about what the key motivators are for consumers when it comes to buying products promoted by influencers? Head on over to our latest blog post.

It supports your content strategy

Another huge benefit of influencer marketing is that you can use the content that they produce on your own social feeds.

Influencers are essentially experts at creating content that captivates their audiences – so why not utilise that? Providing you sign an agreement that gives you permission to do so, once the campaign is up and running you can fill in those ‘blanks’ and enrich your content strategy with images that not only look great – but look refreshingly authentic.

Lights, camera, content.

It’s accessible for businesses of every size (and budget)

Influencers vary in sizes, and each group comes with its own unique benefit.

Micro and nano influencers, for example, have highly engaged followings to drive conversions and purchase – plus, they’re typically more likely to be open to working with brands on a gifted basis.

Meanwhile the mid-tier range add credibility and expertise, while helping to build trust amongst your target audience. Macro and mega are great for working with on an ambassador level thanks to their high reach – a sure fire choice for larger companies with sizeable budgets.

So, providing you take a considered approach when deciding which influencers will align with your brand, there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone to reap the benefits that follow.