We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest whitepaper, Creating Trust in the Travel Perma-Crisis: Insights from Crisis to Opportunity.

Join us to examine the challenges of today’s multichannel era, and the concerns and responses of travel consumers to our turbulent economy, news cycle, and climate. Our exclusive survey data provides an invaluable glimpse into the stress, trust, preferences and priorities of the contemporary British traveller, and our industry experts offer insights preparing you for the new world of constant crisis.

In good news for the industry, 42% of UK travellers say crises such as extreme weather or terrorist attacks won’t impact their future travel plans, but that doesn’t mean the challenge is over for travel brands.

While COVID-19 concerns are on the way out, the cost-of-living crisis and climate anxiety are still prominent reasons for people to avoid or cut down on travelling, and just two of the barriers that brands should look to mitigate with their approach in 2024.

In an industry that’s thrown from one global crisis to another, at the whims of natural disasters, human conflict and technological errors, understanding, preparing for and responding to consumers’ feelings and priorities has never been more important.

From continuing to weather everything from strikes to storms, to navigating the evolving demands of stressed-out travel consumers, our exclusive survey data and expert wisdom are a must-have for travel brands planning to thrive in 2024 and beyond.

For the full insights, download the full whitepaper to learn more.