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Last year, GOLD79 launched its hugely popular ‘Flex Friday’ programme which sees employees take every other Friday off, vastly improving employee work-life balance and productivity. Although not mandatory, everyone embraced the scheme which was introduced to support the health and wellbeing of the team. One employee said: “Following the lockdowns, Lucre has really focused on enabling a good work life balance, including introducing a 9-day fortnight scheme, and regular work from home days, which have made a big difference.”

When questioned on inclusivity, more than 90% of employees said people at Lucre cared about each other (91%), and were treated fairly regardless of their race (97%), gender (97%), sexual orientation (97%) and age (84%).

Tamarind Wilson-Flint, Co-Founding Director, said: “We are thrilled to become Great Place to Work-Certified™. It’s a true meritocracy which attracts a diverse mix of talent from all ages, backgrounds and passions. Our team spans the ages of 18 – 55+ and stems from as far as the Cayman Islands. Our varied backgrounds ensure inclusivity and relevance everyday. From ‘Coming Out Day’ to Eid and Christmas – our mix of religions, sexuality and beliefs across our Group means there’s always a reason for us to celebrate and socialise together.”

Furthermore, GOLD79’s values instilled at the agency’s core do away with hierarchical structures giving every employee the opportunity to determine and develop their own career path, with 85% of employees saying they are treated as a full team member regardless of their position, and 73% saying they are offered training and development to further themselves professionally.

Tanya Jackson, Director of Brand and Innovation, added: “Entrepreneurialism infuses the business and drives  skills enhancement across the agency, aligned to the Group’s New Product Development programme. Team members are given the opportunity to develop their own areas of interest or expertise and to drive forward new initiatives which support the strategic plan. Recent examples include the rebrand and repositioning and L’attitude, our international network.”