This move signifies TikTok’s ambition to become a one-stop online destination – prompting a revaluation of SEO strategies.

Here are four things you need to know about TikTok’s incorporation of Google search results:

1. TikTok is evolving into a search engine

TikTok, famous for its short videos, is now expanding by incorporating Google search results into its feed. The goal? To provide users with a single platform where they can seamlessly engage in a wide array of online activities, from entertainment to information gathering, all within one in-app ecosystem.

2. The way users search is changing

For the first time in years, Google is facing a possible decline in users, as the younger generation are turning to TikTok and social apps for their searches. This shift challenges Google’s traditional dominance and research is already showing a significant change in how Gen Z and Gen Alpha search online.

3. It could herald a completely new landscape for SEO

TikTok’s emergence as a search engine means that SEO specialists need to adapt to this evolving landscape. It’s possible that optimising content for TikTok’s search algorithms will become essential for brands aiming to maintain a strong online presence. This diversification in SEO practices could challenge traditional search engine optimization techniques, demanding a more multifaceted approach from SEO specialists. 

In the TikTok era, the focus might shift from merely ranking keywords to keeping users engaged and on the platform. TikTok’s essence lies in capturing and retaining user attention, unlike Google, which primarily provides quick answers. This change in focus means SEO practitioners must adapt to a new era where content engagement and retention are paramount.

4. UGC will almost certainly become more prominent in search

TikTok’s reliance on user-generated content (UGC) introduces a unique dimension to SEO. As TikTok users become sources of information and entertainment, the significance of UGC within the SEO landscape grows substantially. Brands may need to explore innovative ways to leverage UGC in their SEO strategies, ensuring its discoverability within TikTok’s search framework.

What we think

Our SEO expert Matt Kozma says “SEO changes and develops every year, but this is usually spurred on by Google itself. Now, outside forces are starting to challenge the search giant in brand new areas. It’s going to be a few years of evolving for Google, especially with AI being thrown in the mix too.”

TikTok’s integration of Google search results signifies a transformative moment in the online search and SEO landscape. It challenges Google’s dominance, introduces a new dimension to SEO through user-generated content, and emphasises the importance of keeping users engaged. As TikTok continues to evolve, SEO specialists must stay adaptable and informed to navigate this new digital landscape successfully. TikTok’s journey to become a front-runner search engine promises to be a pivotal moment in the tech industry’s ever-evolving tapestry.