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Noise Cancelling; content, PR, search, social

We live and breathe quality. We strive to deliver exceptional work every day and our prevailing mantra, the “best or don’t bother”, sits deep within our culture.

When we talk about GOLD79, one of the most highly valued minerals on earth, we have big ambitions to live up to.

That most precious of metals is pure, exquisite and rare.

We all know where we stand with gold. It’s unequivocal, it shines through, it beats the competition.

We’ve taken our nearly twenty years of experience across consumer and corporate environments, a host of award-winning campaigns, and an enviable roster of clients forward into a new era for our company.

GOLD79, formerly The Lucre Group, has distilled all its learnings and expertise across news, PR, social, content, and search into a new, crisp, proposition.

We’re multichannel. But we’re also multinational. The world demands communication without boundaries. That’s why we’ve developed L’Attitude, our own international network of consultancies. We’re proud to work alongside independent communications specialists from across the globe.

No clutter, no confusion; just a crisp goal at every step.

Are you ready to cut through the noise? Contact us today.